About me

Full-stack developer constantly trying something new.

Hi. I'm Michal and I'm a software engineer based in the UK.

In my spare time, which I don't have too much as I have 4 children, I'm creating content on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok related to my day-to-day job as a developer. I post mainly about software development, productivity, working from home and having fun while doing what you love.

I'm also trying to build small exciting projects that allow me to explore new frameworks, new programming languages and new technologies.

What do I do?


What have I made?



Managing Notion Tasks Made easy. A side project to help me manage my tasks. Build using NextJS, TailwindCSS, ChakraUI, Supabase.

WordPress Care Plans

Landing page for WordPress Care Plans webiste. Build using HTML, jQuery, CSS.

Notion Widgets (WIP)

Website with a different widgets that can be embeded in Notion templates.

Get in touch


If you'd like to hire me or have any questions, send me a message and I'll come back to you.